Thursday, July 24, 2008

6 Sick Hipsters - the movie

Ah, yes, it's true.

I've signed the film option contract and if the stars align (and we're able to scoot past development hell - personally I'm hoping for the not-quite-as-toasty-or-stressful development tropics) you will be seeing the lovely cast of 6 Sick Hipsters on the big screen sometime in the next few years.

Wow. What a rush. The guy's who've optioned the book are not only incredibly talented but they have a nice track record of getting things done. As soon as all the ducks are formally lined up, I'll be gushing all the details. Maybe tomorrow? Maybe early next week?

What's that? You want a hint? Hmmmm. How about this?

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Readings galore

Had a great time in PDX this week. Powell's is, of course, amazing - I wandered in on Tuesday and came out dazed and several hundred dollars poorer on Thursday. The reading at Powell's on Hawthorne was fun, thanks to everyone who showed up. Looking forward to swinging by again next spring.

Tonight I'll be at Elliott Bay. The reading starts at 7:30 PM. Hope you can make it. This wraps up the initial leg of readings. I'm eager to bring it all home to NYC but haven't scheduled anything yet.

Re: the film option: contract negotiations are on-going but going very smoothly. Might have a signed contract as soon as next week. When and if that happens I'll make a scene about it here.

Been meaning to put up this interview with Westword. A nice, brief review here. Some PDX press (scroll down). Here's a hater. Ending with some love, I'm looking forward to meeting fellow Kensington-ite (and all around madman), Mark Henry who frightened me with his gushing praise.