Saturday, June 28, 2008

Rupert Hine - The Set Up

From "Waving Not Drowning" (1982). All of Rupert's solo albums are brilliant. This was the second in a triptych - the first was "Immunity" and the third "The Wildest Wish to Fly." His lyrics are amazingly satirical and goofy good.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Gary Numan collaborations

Love me some Gary Numan. Outside of the 400 odd songs that Numan has written/performed over the past thirty years, he's been a frequent collaborator with various friends and fellow musicians. Here are a few highlights:

Sharpe and Numan "Change Your Mind" 1985
(Bill Sharpe was in Shakatak, on Numan's Numa label)

Gary Numan vs. Rico "Crazier" 2003
(Numan meets nu-metal, this is a remixed version from Rico's "Violent Silences")

Gary Numan and Dramatis "Love Needs No Disguise" 1982
(Dramatis was Gary's backing band, they released one album "For Future Reference")

Gary Numan vs. Ade Fenton "The Leather Sea" 2007
(Not sure why it always has to be "vs" rather than "with" or "starring")

Q&A and exciting news

You can find a Q&A from Westword (Denver's Village Voice) here as well as a brief review/mention of tomorrow night's reading here. If you're in town and out to get a hard copy, it's on page 28. Looking forward to seeing you at the reading.

I've added another reading in July. I'll be at Elliott Bay Book Co. in Seattle on July 12th at 7:30 PM. Fun stuff. Still working on some east coast dates and will let you know when, where, and if.

I hope to have a major announcement in the next few weeks regarding the 6 Sick Hipsters film option. The contract is in my hands and my agent and I are going over it. So far everything looks great but there will undoubtedly be some back and forth over details. As soon as it's signed and sealed, I'll let you in on the juicy details.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Next novel?

Here's a hint:

Listening to: Crystal Castles - Magic Spells