Thursday, June 26, 2008

Gary Numan collaborations

Love me some Gary Numan. Outside of the 400 odd songs that Numan has written/performed over the past thirty years, he's been a frequent collaborator with various friends and fellow musicians. Here are a few highlights:

Sharpe and Numan "Change Your Mind" 1985
(Bill Sharpe was in Shakatak, on Numan's Numa label)

Gary Numan vs. Rico "Crazier" 2003
(Numan meets nu-metal, this is a remixed version from Rico's "Violent Silences")

Gary Numan and Dramatis "Love Needs No Disguise" 1982
(Dramatis was Gary's backing band, they released one album "For Future Reference")

Gary Numan vs. Ade Fenton "The Leather Sea" 2007
(Not sure why it always has to be "vs" rather than "with" or "starring")

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