Thursday, September 28, 2006

Lost and Lost Again

Best dreams: Records that don't exist. Tapes actually.

Had these dreams high school through college. I'd wander into a record store and find an album that didn't exist here. I'd buy it and the when I woke up I'd search my collection for it knowing the whole while it was a dream but praying it wasn't. (There were several record stores I haunted in those "dreaming lives": the NYC one under the train station near NYU, the mall one that seemed to have an endless supply of those cheap tapes with the slice cut out of the side, the one in the hollowed out tree.)

Over the years I "purchased" the following non-existent albums:

Arcadia "Shadow of a Tiger" - Duran Duran side project E.P.
The Cure "Rain Days" - an album prior to "Japansese Whispers" and similar in terms of keyboard use.
The Cure "Falling" - B-sides and unreleased tracks from the "Disintegration" sessions.
Depeche Mode "Everyone Remembers Me" - post-Violator but pre-"Songs..."
Depeche Mode "Love is All"
New Order "Family"
New Order "Cause and Effect"
Oingo Boingo "Outer Sounds"
Revenge (New Order bassist Peter Hook's side project) "Steel Rat"
Severed Heads "Big Saints" - more "Rotund..."-ish tracks.
Severed Heads "Exploding Bigots"
Thrashing Doves "Stains" - great follow up to their brilliant debut as opposed to that other one.
Top "Version 2" - They had one album "Emotion Lotion" and I dug it in H.S.
Xymox "Windows to the Soul" - "Twist of Shadows" follow up, not that dancey thing.
Xymox "Listening"

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