Saturday, December 02, 2006

Glowing in the Dark: Minimal Synth MP3 Series #2 - Tattoo Hosts Vision On!

Okay, okay - it's not truly minimal synth. Yes, there's the sax. The bass. But Tattoo Hosts Vision On!'s (yes, that's the bands full name) "Empty Building" is an underground classic. Tattoo Hosts... was Ian Nelson - brother of Bill Nelson - here's what Ian said about the band on Bill Nelson's UK site:

"There was a record which came out under my own name along with Ada Wilson and Dave Whittaker (who is now in 'Music for Pleasure') called 'Tattoo Hosts Vision On' and also a couple of Ada singles. Around that time we did the concert in Brussels, the first of the 'Souvenirs of Impossible Events/ Invisibility Exhibition' which has now become a sort of recurrent theme. I had never done anything like that before, it was purely intended as a one off. We had discussed improvisation but that was the first time that we were publicly able to do it. We had improvised in the studio before, but the idea of putting tapes together and going out was unique to that event. We subsequently re-did it at The Black Boy in Nottingham and the Festival in Edinburgh and then on to the first four dates of a full concert. I actually enjoy the challenge of that more than maybe, working with a band, because it is less structured and less rigid and I like the element of chance there. It gives you much more scope for improvisation and experimentation. Its nice when things lock in, and its different every night."

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