Tuesday, January 30, 2007


So, yesterday my book deal was posted on Publisher's Marketplace (PM) - in the middle there. PM lists most of the deals to the major and moderate sized houses and it's been one of those benchmarks for me. When I wrote this novel two years ago I thrilled at the thought of seeing it listed on PM - go giddy just thinking about it - and like every new author I was a bit naive in how long I thought the whole process would take. Get an agent? No biggie. Get a multi-book, six-figure deal? No sweat. Yeah, right. It's amazing how difficult the whole process is and how slowly it moves - glacial, honestly. I could go on and on about the steps and details - if you want to hear about it let me know. Thanks to everyone who helped along the way and those of you who've sent kind words. Hope you enjoy the book. Cheers.


Anonymous said...

I want to hear it! How did you get an agent? Did you get a six figure deal? Can you quit your day job?
PS Congrats!

Rayo Casablanca said...

Yes, with an agent. Very long, very difficult process. This was my third book - first two deemed either terrible or not publishable. I wrote 6 Sick Hipsters four years ago.

No, no 6 figure deal. That's almost unheard of these days. The vast majority of authors get small deals - average of 5k for a book. The big deals are reserved for big name authors or big concept books that will sell tons of copies. Publishing isn't like the movies, there is very little money comparatively. Sadly, people just don't read. A successful mid-list novel will sell 5-10k. That's considered great.

I did quit my day job, though.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post- cool that you could quit your day job :) Four years is a long wait! Yeah, people don't read - they'll just have to watch the 6 Sick Hipsters movie!

Rayo Casablanca said...

It was a long wait but I gather fairly common. Are you a writer?

Ahh, a 6 Sick Hipsters movie. That would be nice.

Anonymous said...

I am a writer, but only dabbling for now :) ...And 6 Sick Hipsters is too great a title to not be a movie!

Rayo Casablanca said...

Thanks, friend. Good luck with your dabbling.
I agree, it's got a nice title. I hope to have an announcement re: a film deal in the next week or two. Will be posting info on the blog.