Friday, August 03, 2007

Thrashing Doves - Matchstick Flotilla

Live - Whistle Test - 1987. The Thrashing Doves were a sorely neglected Brit pop oddity. Their debut album, the excellently titled Bedrock Vice, had hints of Dylan twang and some scathing and brilliant lyrics. One of the few cassettes I broke playing too often.

NM, 1985 - Mat Smith:
"Playing a sweet but not sickly style of Seventies' pop, The Doves come on like a down-to-earth Cockney Rebel — a bit T. Rex but without the fake rebellion. Like any pop group, they invite a whole host of comparisons — to the above you could just as easily add anyone from a lightweight Echo to a heavyweight Teardrops — though their songs are a little too soft and their smiles too wide for those Television rumours to stick. The Thrashing Doves want to be number one. Sure enough they'll toy with psychedelia and fiddle with feedback but only in the way The Thompson Twits might. To their credit, they bow out with a wicked trashing of The Stones' "Sympathy For The Devil". They'll never be as young as The Jesus And Mary Chain but that's not what it's always about, is it?"

Ken Foreman (vocals/guitar)
Brian Foreman (keyboards/harmonica)
Ian Button (guitar)
Kevin Sargent (drums)
Hari Sajjan (bass)

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