Monday, September 15, 2008

Second Skin NYC

Last week - well, the 5th - I attended the NYC premier of Second Skin at the ACE Festival with Chris and my agent, Jessica. It was fantastic meeting Victor and Juan Carlos in the flesh after so many long, detailed phone and email conversations. Great seeing the doc a second time and with a sold out audience. Lots of gamers there to heckle their on-screen compatriots ("What the fuck is he doing in the Valley of Trails?!").

It seems as though every time I talk to Victor something new and thrilling has come up for Second Skin, whether it's the NYTimes or Dr. Phil (see blog for details). Wonderful to see the film getting the press it deserves. The future is wide-open for Pure West and every write up and positive review just hammers it home.

Victor and I met up at Vinyl in Hell's Kitchen for a marathon dinner session. We talked a ton about adapting 6 Sick Hipsters (he even showed me his copious notes) and I was thrilled with the myriad ideas Victor has come up with. He and Juan Carlos are really thinking outside the box - not only in terms of scripting but promotion as well. They have a lot of big, very exciting ideas. Here's Victor on a tentative timeline (from the Second Skin blog): "I'm hoping (fingers crossed here) to have the script hammered out in the next 6-9 months, as Second Skin is getting released globally- by then I'm sure Juan will have started storyboarding it, and we can start presenting the package... at which point hopefully Peter and Chris can join us on the production side."

Pure West has a new website with a page on 6 Sick Hipsters pre-production here. Explore the site and check out some of their short films and the trailer for Second Skin.

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