Saturday, August 19, 2006

Casting Stones

And finally...

At the gym today lounging about in the jacuzzi and I see this guy I've dubbed Paul blow drying his pubic hair. I don't know why I've dubbed him Paul but he just looks like that. He's got curly hair. Maybe he's in his earl 40s. Married with kids. Works in finance. Don't know that for sure but he has that financial look about him. Anyway he blow dries his pubic hair and the beans and frank.

It's bizarre to say the least. I mean what's the towel around his waist for? Does he just keep it there out of modesty until he can get his junk under the hot air? Would a quick shake of the towel not suffice? I guess not 'cause Paul spends a good three or four minutes shaking out the water around his jewels and then blasting it with air. What results I've gathered from only a few seconds of looking is essentially an afro. The hair puffs out full on and that's just the way Paul likes it. Or maybe that's the way his wife likes it.

I'm done...

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