Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Sure, most Sandra fans are Eastern European men with flimsy moustaches and tight Polo shirts, but you've got to admit there is something fascinating about her voice. Buried beneath Micheal Cretu's synth noodlings, when her pixie-like warblings do manage to rise above the drum pad din the effect is, well, magical. Yeah, it's Eurotrash pop. But I like it.

Sandra Cretu (formerly Lauer)is best known stateside for her work with husband, Cretu, on Enigma. She got her start in the German disco band Arabesque before striking out on her own to become a popstar. She had a string of hits in Europe -- "Everlasting Love" and "Heaven Can Wait" -- but it's her very Cretu-ish "Secret Land" that really caught on with the wavers in the late '80s. These videos were directed by Bulle Bernd. (Like that means anything to you.)

You've also heard Sandra on tracks by Peter Schilling & Hubert Kah, among others.

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