Saturday, July 14, 2007

BomberGirl and the Mechanic

Combining Nina Hagen-esque theatricality with New Wave synth noodlings, BomberGirl and the Mechanic sound surprisingly like the devilish offspring of Gina X Performance and OMD. Their first CD release, Flamingo, runs from electro pop ("Roller Round") to spaghetti western styled techno ("Cowgirl"). Fans of Hagen's more commercial output (Fearless) are advised to check this out. It's mutant diva disco for the masses.

"We Know" opens with a wash of strings and thunderous percussion that sips like Ladytron but with an LSD aftertaste. The album's best track, "Saltwater Eyes," is an elegiac industrial piece -- something a cargo cult obsessed with early 4AD might make. "Paper Crane" combines static drenched waves with bike-chain grinds. Soaring over it all is Abbey's operatic styling. There are a few missteps, "Champagne" sounds flat and "Synchronize" plays up the worst Erasure pap, but overall the album is quite intriguing and exceedingly strange. Lene Lovich fans will be drooling.

Thanks to Warren Ellis for the tip.

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