Saturday, July 14, 2007

Jeff Parker's blurb

Speaking of blurbs - Jeff Parker, author of Back of the Line and Ovenman (see link above), gave me a really nice blurb for 6 Sick Hipsters.

"Rayo Casablanca's 6 Sick Hipsters is a wild ride of a novel. Something of a magical-realist noir that brings a whole new meaning to the fashionable idea of the death of the hipster. It's enough to make one nervous about leaving the house in a Pavement t-shirt."


Mark said...

Nice one!

We're just getting the first hints at people's reactions, as the manuscripts have just started to filter out for the pre-ARC blurby shit.

Anonymous said...

how would you define the "pre-ARC blurby shit" for those unfamiliar with the manuscript publication process?

Rayo Casablanca said...

It means getting quotes ("blurbs") for the sales kit shown to book buyers - everyone from Amazon to Border to the indie shops. The sales kit is a two/three page overview of the book usually with a cover design.

The ARCs (advance review copies) are actual copies of the book sent around to writers and reviewers for more blurbs. They turn up cheap in used book shops or on eBay sometimes.