Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Martin Dupont

Martin Dupont's 1985 mini-LP "Sleep is a Luxury" is one of the best French releases from the mid-80s. Imagine Adam Ant's backup band (lighter on the Burundi drumming, natch), undulating synth bass and female vox. The best track, "I Met the Beast", is both melodic and dissonant at the same time. It sounds so carefully crafted and delicate that I imagine a Rube Goldberg device in a shoe box. Catherine Loy's voice hovers (improbably) somewhere between Annie Lennox's and Francoise Hardy's. You can listen to tracks from several of their albums at their site.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry but the singer is not Catherine Loy but Brigitte Balian on "I met the beast".

On the picture, it's Catherine Loy.

Best regards