Wednesday, October 25, 2006

More never really found items...

In my previous post I lamented the albums that I had encountered in dreams and upon waking searched my room for in a pathetic kind of desperation. Here I list a few of the books - both fiction and non-fiction - that haunted my dreams but never gathered dust on any real bookshelf (but should have). How could I possibly remember these things? I write them down when I wake up of course.

Krazed Karnival by Dustin Boork
The dust jacket mentions "... a thrilling tale of wonder told by one of Canada's authorities on the occult."

The Dinosaurs of the Indiana Basin: A field Guide by Robert Krakow
Contains excellent pencil illustrations of rather unusual dinosaurs - including one that looks remarkably like a kangaroo with Milton Berle's face. Don't ask.

Chalk by Multiple
This was a bizarre art book that was actually a block of wood with several concrete poems carved into the sides. I encountered this in a library.

Lucid Shadows by Augustus Sterling
A Lovecraft pastiche novel. Terrible.

O-Zone Revisited by Paul Theroux
O-Zone is a real book. A fantastic dystopian sci-fi tale that's been unfairly neglected. It's one of the few books I've read three times. This was a follow up. Just wishful thinking really. The mushroom cloud cover was cool though.

Loose: The Poetry of Amy Yuen
Loose. No binding. This was sitting in a magazine rack and (at the time) I remember waking and thinking it must have been placed there by Amy herself.

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